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My place on the internet. Here I post my favorite sites, some insights about my family and some of our interests. However, what I do most is post pictures from various family events. So look around and let me know what you think

Latest News

After a couple of years with few updates I have finally given the website a more "family friendly" look and more recent pictures. I'll try to keep the Photos area updated regularly.

I'm still looking for the perfect image gallery program or method but I have not found it yet. I use Dreamweaver on Windows XP primarily and occasionally on OS X. I have a laptop running Windows Vista Business, but it is not my main computer yet. This template came from the site listed at the bottom of the page and is standards compliant. The left part of the page is "fluid" and will wrap the text to the size of your browser window. The right side bar is not fluid and will look the same no matter the size of your browser window...pretty cool.

I have added a "side-bar" on the right with some of my family's favorite websites so they can get to them no matter which page they are on at the time. I will likely cycle the "Interesting Sites" list as my tastes change and the "Family Favorites" as their tastes change.