Jarrod's About Us Page

On this page I will list some information about us, as well as, eventually let my daughters edit their own page to be linked to from here. I am going to use the Interests page to let each of us better describe our hobbies and interests.


I am a husband to Karen and a father to two daughters, Claire and Chloe. We have two dogs and two cats. I can be contacted at the following email address: jarrod@jarrods.com.


Karen asked that I make our website more "family friendly" and get rid of the black and red look of the old site. She will be adding to this section soon. Her email is karenjohnson@woh.rr.com.


Claire is thirteen years old--I cannot believe it! Growing up so fast. She is interested in reading, piano, sewing, iPods, friends and family. A link to her web pages is here.


Chloe is eleven and is a wonderful girl. She is interested in drama, piano, sewing, Gameboy DS games, music, friends and family. A link to her web pages is here.

Furry Friends

Our furry friends are Roscoe, Copper, Scooter and Tinkerbell. We also had a cat for 17 years who passed away last year, a male Maine Coon named Reebok. Roscoe is a male short-haired domestic cat who is almost 17 years old...still very social and active. Copper is a female short-haired red miniature dachshund and is almost 7. Scooter is a female long-haired black and tan miniature dachshund and she will be 4 this year. She is very full of herself but is very loving. A recent addition is a Humane Society adoption, a female long-haired domestic cat we have named Tinkerbell. Tink is just over 4 years old and is adjusting to this full household very well.

We have expanded our furry friends by two....we now have a male Maine Coon kitten named Simba and another male Maine Coon named Magic. We got them both from the Coonbitzky Cattery.