Jarrod's Interests

  • Running - I ran the Air Force half-marathon in 2006, and I plan to run a half-marathon and a full marathon this year. Here is a picture of me about to cross the finish line last year. My time was 2:02:31 and I finished 667th of 1507 in the half-marathon.
  • Computers - all kinds. Windows desktops and laptops, Apple desktops and laptops, Windows servers, email servers and web servers.
  • Star Wars - collecting, and science fiction and fantasy in general.

Karen's Interests

  • Sewing - Karen has done tons of sewing and loves shopping for the "right " fabric.
  • Interior decorating - Karen has done a wonderful job with our house.

Claire's Interests

  • Reading - she has read all the Harry Potter books, A Series of Unfortunate Events books, and many others.
  • Star Wars - yes she really does.

Chloe's Interests

  • Music - Chloe can play both the violin and piano very well.
  • Games - Xbox, Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advanced and PC games.